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Rainbow Feathers Bird Club and Rescue
Garden City Michigan, 48135
(734) 422-5981
Non-profit Section 501 (c) (3)

About Our Club and Rescue


          Rainbow Feathers Bird Club and Rescue is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit caged / companion bird rescue and a bird club.  We are located in southeastern Michigan in Garden City.  As a club we meet once a month at the United Methodist Church located at 6443 Merriman Rd. in Garden City, MI 48135.

          We also operate a parrot rescue dedicated to finding new forever homes for companion birds.  When a parrot is surrendered into our rescue it is placed in foster care in one of our many members homes.  The surrendered bird will receive a veterinary visit with an avian vet to ensure it is healthy and able to be adopted.  The foster parent is also charged with the task of ensuring the bird is on a pelleted and healthy diet.  Once it has been determined that the surrendered bird is available for adoption we activity attempt to locate a new forever home for it.  One of the most important criteria for adopting a companion parrot from our rescue is that the person adopting knows about the bird species they desire to adopt.  Because of this fact we do not list what types of parrots are in foster care at any given time.  A prospective adopter must fill out an adoption application that tells us about that person’s knowledge of the type of bird they are interested in adopting.  Another stipulation in our adoption procedure is that if the adopted bird doesn’t work out in its new home the parrot will be returned to our rescue.  Anyone interested in surrendering or adopting a parrot please contact Dave & Tammy Carol at 734-422-5981 or by e-mail you can also contact Steve Plafchan at 734-513-0030 or by e-mail

          Because we are non-profit all donations to our rescue of used cages, food, cash and checks are tax deductible on your income taxes.  Our meetings are open to anyone and we welcome guests.  We also participate in many bird fairs, festivals and pet adoption events.  If you are interested in meeting us at an event go to the Upcoming Events tab on this web site to see a listing of places that our club will be at in the near future.



Bird Fair April 2012

Our annual bird fair will be held on April 21st 2012 at Romulus High School.  Once again Tim Marsh, avian artist, Will be participating at our fair; he was the featured artist at the 2010 Ann Arbor art fair. Visit his web site for examples of his fine art. We also want to thank all the vendors who were at our fair in 2011 it would not have been the success it was without you. Anyone interested in having a table at our 2012 fair contact Dave or Tammy Carol at 734-422-5981



Elected officers:



Dave Carol


Vice President

Steve Plafchan



Kathe Cote


Treasurer & Membership Secretary

Tammy Carol


Board of Trustees

Mary Perva

Susan Dixion

Henry Jedrzejek