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Rainbow Feathers Bird Club and Rescue
Garden City Michigan, 48135
(734) 422-5981
Non-profit Section 501 (c) (3)


Heavenly Members



Born August 8, 1942      Died April 3, 2009

Gary was a special person as well as a valued member of Rainbow Feathers Bird Club.  His enthusiasm and love for his animals was plain to see and he was always telling friends and family how much he loved the club.  He was always will to give it his all when helping out with club functions, whether it was making toys, helping out at the pet-expo or fostering, (and they didn’t stay fosters for long in his house) rescued birds.  Gary was cruelly taken from us by a senseless act of violence that we will never be able to understand.  I know for certain that he has received his wings and has earned a special place in Heaven for the kindness he showed not only to the animals he dearly loved but to the people that had the honor and joy of knowing him.  We love and miss you Gary!





Mary Ann Szymaszek 

AKA Cakeface


Born   June 10,1956         Died  May 13,2008


Mary was an active member of Rainbow Feather Bird Club for close to 6 yrs as a trustee & officer. Mary would donate her time, money and a happy smile for educational programs, Bird Fair and the Novi Expo. Mary and her husband were always willing to help.  She fostered mostly the smaller birds (she was afraid of BIG BEAKS! LOL!) and assisted in adopting out many rescued birds. We’ll miss the annual Club Birthday cakes she always made. Most of all we’ll miss her smile, her laugh, and her warm hugs.

God Bless you Mary, we love you.



Peggy Sue Kinney

     Born May 13, 1965        Died January 17, 2007

Peggy was a dear person to everyone. One of those people you wanted to know. I was very lucky to have known her close to 30 yrs. Full of life and energy. Mary introduced to birds. And soon she adopted,  a Quacker,  Otto.  Peggy wasn’t with the club very long, but her smile and husky voice will be missed. Always willing to lend a helping hand, wherever needed.. This is hard as I knew Mary and Peggy both. They were a pair all right! LOL! We miss and love you always.



Elected officers:



Dave Carol


Vice President

Steve Plafchan



Kathe Cote


Treasurer & Membership Secretary

Tammy Carol


Board of Trustees

Mary Perva

Susan Dixion

Henry Jedrzejek